Enjoy delicious poke bowls and bento boxes packed with fresh seafood at Hi Life! The restaurant, which opened in early 2022, is located just down the road from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, making it the perfect spot to grab a quick bite while you’re waiting for the boat to come in. Owner Makoto Kimoto serves up 12 different kinds of poke ready to be topped with rice, seaweed salad, imitation crab, and an array of spicy and savory sauces. 

Not feeling seafood? Try their Japanese curry or kurobata pork. They also serve Pike Place’s famous chowder with a drizzle of house Japanese chili oil. 

Fun fact: Hi Life is named after the Japanese highball, a whiskey and soda beverage! (And yes, it’s on the menu.) 

Business Owner
Makoto Kimoto

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