Homestyle Dim Sum, owned by Tiffany Chim, Mui Ho Cheung, and Kam Cheun Cheung, offers delicious dim sum for an affordable price. Customers love their perfectly spiced pork bun and shrimp dumplings. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, try their pineapple buns.

Pro-tip: The freshly made food “flies off the shelves” so it’s better to visit earlier in the day.

Business Owner
Tiffany Chim, Mui Ho Cheung, Kam Cheun Cheung


  1. The line is often a good indicator of a local favorite, and this place always always always has a line. It moves fast so by no means is the line a prohibitive factor, but there are so many good options. If they have the pork floss roll or the pumpkin mochi, those are my personal favorites but I love the huge variety of items to order.

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