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Business Owner
Chera Amlag and Geo Quibuyen


  1. First I love that Hood Famous Bar & Cafe is in the heart of the ID and literally right in front of the light rail station – easy transit access! Love how during COVID 19 they have stepped up to support other small businesses and artist to sell in their shop. They’re also very active on social media to spread awareness and education for the AAPI community.

  2. Hood Famous was a wonderful way for me to me get acquainted with Filipino flavors, something I certainly was not familiar with. I still remember my first time there, greeted with a welcome smile and patiently explaining the various flavors of cheesecake!

  3. As a Filipina, it brings me so much joy to see the flavors of my culture highlighted in such creative (and delicious) ways. I once had my partner mail a whole ube cheesecake to my family for Christmas so they too could know the ube cheesecake magic! My favorite things on the menu though: buko pie, ampalaya quiche, and calamansi bars.

  4. Hood Famous is like my home away from home. The staff makes me feel like family whenever I see them. Precovid it was a place I would visit for lunch or coffee it’s just a block and a half away from work. They did a great job pivoting during the pandemic, still offering great service and goodies in a safe environment.

  5. We wanted something local and unique for our wedding, and Hood Famous was all of that and more! So happy when they opened the cafe in the ID. Come for the ube cheesecake, but don’t sleep on the buko pie and calamansi bars.

  6. Hood Famous has such unique flavors and it is so well-done! Always a treat and I bring cheesecakes to everyone

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