Huong Binh is a casual Vietnamese restaurant owned by Lien Dang that has been serving delicious traditional Vietnamese vermicelli, pho, and rice dishes for nearly 25 years. As per Vietnamese tradition, some entrees are served skewered by fried sugar cane — the restaurant also makes fresh sugar cane juice in-house.

Business Owner
Lien Thi Hoang


  1. For the longest time, I didn’t know the name of this restaurant, I only knew them as number 9. The food had always been delivered to me, and in an old iteration of the menu, the combo platter was number 9 and my parents would bring it to me and I would dive into all of the different options of marinated and roasted meats with veggies and noodles and sauce. I keep going back because they are such a great food experience. My personal favorite is still the combo lettuce wrap (I think it is number 11 now) but the single best item is the fried pork wrapped around a chunk of sugar cane. Juicy! Flavorful! messy! It is all of the things you want in a really good meal.

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