When Keisuke Kobayashi first came to Seattle, he searched the city for Hokkaido soft serve and its distinctive rich, creamy, and naturally sweet qualities. When he couldn’t find it, he opened the United States’ first known Hokkaido-style soft serve shop, Indigo Cow, in 2021. The soft serve shop sources their milk from a Japanese farm that’s been owned by the same family for more than 100 years. Indigo Cow focuses on the flavor of the Hokkaido milk — you won’t find chocolate or strawberry ice cream — but the creaminess and fresh taste of the soft serve makes Indigo Cow’s cones more than capable of satisfying any ice cream craving. 

Bonus: Dress up your soft serve with toppings like mochi, a dusting of matcha powder, and house made fruit sauce!

Business Owner
Keisuke Kobayashi

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