Experience Haitian cuisine with a Pacific Northwest twist at kann, James Beard Award-winning Chef Gregory Gourdet’s live-fire restaurant. Chef Gregory founded the restaurant in 2022, honoring his Haitian heritage and culture with bright, flavorful dishes prepared using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. Beverage options include a carefully curated selection of beers and wines alongside zero-proof cocktails showcasing Caribbean spices and tropical flavors. 

Alongside traditional Haitian offerings, Gregory’s menu includes dishes inspired by other African, Caribbean, and Southeast Asian cultures. Enjoy a plate of grilled prawns with cherry tomato Creole sauce and avocado, or tuck into smoked beef ribs with a side of diri ak djon djons, Haitian black rice. 

Fun fact: “kann” translates to “cane” in Haitian Creole, a reference to Chef Gregory’s favorite childhood snack. 

Business Owner
Gregory Gourdet

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