A donut-teriyaki-laundromat? Yep, it’s real.

King Donuts has been a one stop shop for Rainier Beach since 2003. Founders Chea Pol and Heng Hay first created their mash-up of breakfast-meets-lunch-meets-chores to fill gaps in the neighborhood. And when Hong Chhuor and his family took up the reigns at King Donuts 14 years later, he promised to keep meeting those practical community needs.

Today, the Chhuors are still serving up French crullers, cinnamon sugar twists, maple bars, and more.

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Hong Chhuor
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  1. I love that this place is a combo of donuts, teriyaki/thai and a laundromat! You can do lunch/break while waiting for your laundry to finish! The donuts here are crazy good, I really enjoyed the crueller. Their teriyaki also delicious and huge portion.

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