Kitanda was started as a corner store by Joao and Rose Boff in 1998, selling Brazilian groceries, cassette tapes of Brazilian music, and some tasty snacks. Erica Bueno, Joao’s stepdaughter, now helps run the business which has evolved into a bakery and cafe. Despite how much Kitanda has changed, it has stayed true to its Brazilian roots. Kitanda uses only Brazilian coffee beans and serves many of Joao and Rose’s favorite foods from Brazil.

Bonus: Check out Kitanda’s other locations here: Capitol Hill, Redmond, Tukwila, Greenlake, and Kirkland.

Business Owner
Joao Boff, Rose Boff, Erica Bueno


  1. Their sandwiches are so very good!! It’s a Brazilian sandwich. It’s filling and healthy. You have to try to compare with all the sandwiches you’ve ever had! Take a trip! They have a few different locations!

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