At Krav Maga Seattle (KMS), Chau Le and Cat Buck Le provide top-notch instruction in the high-impact, high-intensity self-defense system known as Krav Maga. KMS students learn effective self-defense techniques and get an awesome, kick-ass workout in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

After devoting much of his childhood to martial arts, Chau Le was introduced to the self-defense and combat system of Krav Maga in his early twenties while living in Toronto. He explains that Krav Maga is an “effective, efficient, and aggressive” form of self-defense whose mentality hinges on doing whatever is necessary to neutralize a threat. He was immediately drawn to the practicality of Krav, and has practiced ever since.

Chau met his (now) wife, Cat through their work in advertising at Microsoft, and introduced her to Krav after she moved from Seattle to Toronto in 2009. Krav was a perfect fit for Cat because it transformed her workout routine into a much-needed source of empowerment. In 2011, the couple moved to Seattle, with the idea for Krav Maga Seattle (KMS) as “a seed in the backs of our minds,” Chau reveals. Three years later, KMS was opened at its South Lake Union location.

After a class at KMS, members feel powerful, motivated, and prepared to defend themselves. Cat and Chau center their business around inclusion, encouraging people of all identities and levels of experience to join. “We wanted to make KMS welcoming for those who need [Krav] the most,” says Cat. While people come to KMS, curious to explore its self-defense and fitness benefits, they stay because it is a place where they find a real sense of belonging.

Cat and Chau are proud of the group of people KMS has brought together. Members have told Cat and Chau that KMS has changed, and even saved, their lives. “I love what KMS has become in terms of its community,” Cat expresses. “It’s not about us; it’s all about our members.”
Fun Fact
Cat and Chau’s sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback Gracie often hangs out at the gym! She can be a little shy at first, but after a few minutes of warming up she loves a nice scratch.

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