Latinx With Plants began in 2019 as a way to highlight and uplift the Latinx community within the plant world. Founder Andi Xoch frequently posted to encourage the plant lifestyle, and make sure that the Latinx community was getting proper representation online. As the page gained traction, it grew into something much bigger. Realizing just how integral plant education was, Xoch began hosting pop-ups around the Los Angeles area to sell various plants and educate those about the ancestral importance of plants. Since then, she opened up a shop in Los Angeles in 2020 and has been teaming up with others in the community to battle injustices and reconnect with the earth. 

Bonus: Check out the Latinx With Plants plant parenthood system, where you can gift someone a plant who is an avid planter or just getting started!   

Business Owner
Andi Xoch

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