Avery “Lew” Lewis, the owner of Lew’s BBQ, always greets customers with a friendly smile when they walk in the door. Lew’s BBQ has a robust menu of classic barbeque favorites from ribs that fall off the bone to their flavorful brisket. Or, try their specialty sandwich, the Big Daddy: smoked beef sausage or a hot link on toasted hoagie roll topped with pulled pork, barbeque, and cheese. Locals say that the amazing food and the attentive service keep them coming back again and again.

Fun fact: Avery Lewis, after experiencing homelessness himself for seven years, created a program called “Feed the Need.” With this program, Lew’s BBQ has been collecting donations andĀ feeding people experiencing homelessness since 2013.

Business Owner
Avery Lewis


  1. The food here will blow your mind! This is the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted. Lew is pretty awesome too… it is a joy to support his artisan food as well as his total dedication to the homeless community. To top it off, while he won’t push it on you, he’s always there to listen and give good spiritual advice. Love this place!

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