At Life Ink by Bee, owner and permanent makeup artist Yesenia “Bee” Huesca takes a holistic approach to beauty and believes inclusivity matters. Visit Life Ink by Bee for scar camouflaging, sugaring, lash lifts, lip blush tattoos, and more.

Bee was inspired by her parents’ entrepreneurial spirits and sought ways to follow their path. When deciding on a business idea, she felt a need in her community to close the gaps between beauty, health, and wellness that she experienced as a first-generation Mexican American. Beyond beauty services, Life Ink by Bee was created to provide a genuine human connection with her clients, with a safe space to laugh, cry, and be their true selves.

To offer her community more modalities of healing, Bee transforms her studio into a wellness space and community center for local artists, small businesses, therapy sessions, and more. 

Business Owner
Yesenia "Bee" Huesca

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