Linden Park Whisk is named after the park across from owner’s Melizza Rosich childhood home in Brooklyn. Her days were spent playing at the park before returning home to help out in her family’s kitchen. It was there that she developed the love for baking that ultimately led to her starting her own cake company. After developing a severe gluten allergy in 2019, she had to figure out how to adapt her recipes to her new diet without sacrificing their deliciousness. Anyone who tastes her cakes will be sure to tell you the results were a success! 

Melizza’s cakes are baked small-batch and from scratch in a 100% gluten-free kitchen with gluten-free tools. The cakes are custom decorated with edible gold leaf, lush buttercream flower bouquets, and colorful, abstract designs, resulting in a final product that looks every bit as beautiful as it tastes. The bakery provides a list of tried and true flavor combinations, but they invite customers to mix and match their own. 

Business Owner
Melizza Rosich

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