Originally founded in 2015 by Michael Huynh and Donna Chan, Macadons, Michael moved his macaron shop from White Center to Renton in 2022.

With the move comes a larger cafe space and an expanded menu. What remains unchanged? A rainbow selection of macarons, from traditional flavors vanilla and chocolate, to the Asian flavors that originally put Macadons on the map like Thai tea and ube.

Want to really indulge your sweet tooth? You can even order macaron ice cream sandwiches — everything from fruity pebbles and Vietnamese coffee to mango and dairy-free coconut.

Bonus: You can order a whole tower of macarons with custom designs for your next fancy soirée.

Macadons Products

Business Owner
Michael Huynh


  1. I love, love, love the variety of Asian flavors at Macadons!! From the macarons to the ice cream, it’s my go-to spot for birthday gifts, desserts to bring to gatherings, and spontaneous cravings.

    Local delivery and order-ahead pickup make it extra convenient.

  2. Love the collaborations and partnerships small businesses for example the partnership they’ve done with Coffeeholics in Columbia City where they raised funds and donations for a local animal shelter. Delicious macarons (any size!) – yummm!

  3. This business has the best macarons I’ve gotten in Seattle. I got some punny ones for father’s day last year, and I have picked up a couple whenever I am in White Center!

  4. THIS IS THE BEST MACARON PLACE IN SEATTLE! Before the pandemic, I would go here WEEKLY. My favorite flavors are the classics (vanilla, lemon, red velvet, pistacio) but I also loooove their amazing other flavors like Vietnamese coffee, ube, and fruity pebbles. And tell them to BRING BACK COOKIE BUTTER!

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