Lacie Marsh-Carroll poured her first candle to honor the passing of her beloved friend, Laura. After that, Lacie couldn’t stop. She devoted her entire focus to learning how to pour candles, learning how to blend scents, and testing hundreds of samples.

If she wasn’t sleeping, Lacie was melting wax in a crock pot and pouring. She was determined to make the perfect candle. Malicious Women Candle Co. was born after a batch of her candles was successfully sold to excited customers. In addition to candles, Malicious Women has now expanded to sell the most honest, ethically-made apparel, jewelry, and more.

Fun Fact: The name “Malicious Women” came from years of conversations between Lacie and Laura. They would talk about their days and tell each other what they should have said in shitty situations if only they were a little more malicious. It was their running joke.

Business Owner
Lacie Marsh-Carroll

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