In April 2020, Thuy Pham made the decision to transition from working as a hairstylist to focusing on her other passion, vegan Vietnamese cooking. She started Mama Dut as a pop-up in April 2020 and, after a wildly successful first run, opened a brick-and-mortar location several months later. In Vietnamese, “Mama dút” means “mama will feed you.” The words hold special meaning for Thuy: they represent her connection with her daughter and the power food has to form bonds, deepen connections, and spread love and compassion. 

Mama Dut’s menu offers vegan takes on traditional Vietnamese dishes like mushroom banh mi, soy bò kho (beef stew), and bao buns. While you’re thanking Thuy for the delicious meal, the planet and animals will be thanking you! 

Business Owner
Thuy Pham

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