To sisters Lizz Eng and Cindy Tran, food is a love language. Lizz and Cindy founded the food truck Mami Tran in May 2019 as an ode to their mother — the original Mami Tran — who immigrated from Vietnam over 40 years ago as a single mom of five. They were inspired by their mother’s love, courage, and incredible cooking (including a pho recipe so delicious, people would cancel their plans just to have a coveted seat in her kitchen) and wanted to share it with the world. Mami Tran serves up Vietnamese classics using fresh, locally sourced ingredients including banh mis, homemade spring rolls, and wontons as well as vermicelli and rice bowls. In the wise words of Mami Tran herself, “Eat up! Then eat some more.”

Business Owner
Lizz Eng and Cindy Tran

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