Mam’s Books owner Sokha Danh always loved books as a child, largely due to his father taking the whole family to libraries and bookstores on a weekly basis. The store is named after his father, Mam, who came to America with his wife as Cambodian refugees. The bookstore is dedicated to both of Sokha’s parents, who had little wealth but provided a wealth of knowledge to them through their love for books. The bookshelves feature primarily Asian American authors and writers, and is the only Independent Asian American bookstore in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

“Our vision is to create a physical space in the community that uplifts Asian American voices and perspectives,” says Sokha. “We see ourselves as a community “living room”. We want to see the community engage authentically with themselves and each other in this space. We want the bookstore to be a place to have fun, enjoy good conversations, explore new ideas (or maybe revisit old ones!), and where all Asian Americans feel heard and seen.” 

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Business Spotlight: Mam's Books


  1. With a mix of a variety of minority-related books, Mam’s offers books for children, books for non-fiction and fiction readers, cookbooks, historically-relevant books, comic books and a decor that reflects the culture and history of the neighborhood.

    Go say “hey” to Sokha, Linda, and Momma and Papa Danh!

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