Milkvue & DIY Tea Lab is a mochi donut and bubble tea collaboration cafe that opened in 2023. It’s located in the heart of Seattle near the Space Needle, making it a convenient stop for tourists and stay-cationers alike.

You may be familiar with Milkvue, the mochi donut staple in Gig Harbor owned by Rollie Nelson and Seung Bum Kim. This cafe marks their first official shop in Seattle, aside from supplying a few shops with wholesale. They partnered up with DIY Tea Lab owners Tao Dai and Tony Chu, who have 5 other locations in the greater Seattle area. Pulling their collective popularity together, the cafe offers customers bubble teas, milk teas, coffee, and other beverages plus additional snacks to go with your mochi donuts.


Business Owner
Seung Bum Kim, Rollie Nelson, Theo Dai, Tony Chu

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