Mini… The Dough-Nut has a sweet mission thanks to owner Demone Gore and his family. Since 2014, they have been serving up delicious mini-doughnuts with delightfully punny names. Doughnuts are made to order, and popular offerings include Donutella – yes, nutella, Donut Be A Piggy – maple with bacon, and Strawberry Donut Cake – donuts meet strawberry shortcake.

Bonus: Create the donut deliciousness of your dreams via the build your own donut option!

Business Owner
Demone Gore


  1. The best donuts at the cutest little shop! Tell yourself you’ll only eat one or two if you want to, but I promise you won’t be able to stop there. These mini donuts are hot and fresh; made to order every time, then topped with your choice of toppings. The flavor names and combinations are hilarious and creative too! Don’t miss the donut sundaes and milkshakes either, you can thank me later.

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