Owner, operator, and chef Misato Sakuma is the driving force behind Mitten Sweets & Coffee, a pastry and coffee shop in Seattle’s Central District. After graduating from culinary school, Misato gained experience at a traditional Japanese Kaiseki restaurant and a French-style cake shop in Kyoto, Japan. Her experiences and love for creating the best sweets possible motivated her to start her own company in 2016.

For the past six years, Misato operated mainly as a wholesale supplier to grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes under the name Pastry Mitten. She recently opened Mitten Sweets & Coffee to provide a place where customers can come in and enjoy even more of their delicious pastries.

Pastry Mitten has always been passionate about creating delicious sweets for birthdays, anniversaries, and daily desserts. They specialize in French and Japanese pastries, both traditional and innovative. They provide handmade cakes, mousse cakes, and baked goods from scratch, using high-quality Japanese ingredients. 

Business Owner
Misato Sakuma


  1. Beautiful and elegant pastries and cakes. Reminds me of afternoon tea in Japan. Subtle flavors and not too sweet. Simply delightful!

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