Muju carries food and other goods from Latin America to East Asia. This attracts not only folks from those countries but also American foodies looking to expand their palate, creating a true melting pot. Muju also serves hot food and occasionally brings in cooks from the community to cook South Indian dosas, Latin American empanadas, or other specials. The grocery store accepts EBT, offers delivery and works with local Amish farmers that grow a wide variety of produce to give everyone a taste of their homeland.

Founder Grace Rai started the store after moving to New York as a refugee from Bhutan. Homesick and missing the Nepali dishes of home, a kind woman named Muju offered her a Nepali meal that warmed her heart and soul. She wanted to extend the same kindness and taste of home to others in the community, and soon Muju International Groceries was created. Her husband, Ujjwa Rai, is a Nepali immigrant and current Master of Public Administration student at the Harvard Kennedy School and has helped facilitate the technology to make it easier for people to order online. They also host monthly roundtables at the store, connecting local cooks, small business owners, app developers, and other members of the community to brainstorm ways to make it easier for other international grocers to grow a presence online and grow their businesses.

Business Owner
Grace Rai, Ujjwal Rai

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