Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery was created as a multi-use safe haven for marginalized artists. Nepantla is a Nahuatl word meaning “the space in the middle” or “torn between ways.” The term is often used to describe an alternative space created by under-resourced communities to heal and engage in strategies of resistance. Located on the border of West Seattle and the White Center neigborhood and opened by Jake Prendez and Judy Avitia-Gonzalez in 2018, Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery hosts art exhibitions and workshops along with spoken word, music, and arts events.

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Jake Prendez and Judy Avitia-Gonzalez
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  1. The first place I think of and go to for ethically sourced Latino made products and artwork. I love how Jake and Judy support local artists and youth by showcasing their art in this gallery. They also bring products from Mexico to sell – I love my calaveras for my altar <3

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