Sit back and enjoy an authentic Indian and Nepalese dining experience in Nirvana’s cozy, laid-back interior. Santosh Kumar, who hails from southern India, opened the restaurant in 2020 with the goal of introducing new varieties of Indian dishes to Bainbridge Island.

Enjoy a plate of nagapsopah, a traditional Nepali egg curry, or tuck into a succulent serving of chicken tikka kababs. From staple foods like samosas, chaats, and curries to inventive fusion-style dishes, Nirvana is sure to serve you something to rave about. 

Bonus: Leave room for dessert! You won’t want to miss out on their kheer, a traditional Indian rice pudding cooked with nuts and cardamom, or their rasmalai, delicious cheese patties soaked with almond-sweetened milk. 

Business Owner
Santosh Kumar

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