Fortunately for Seattle diners, owners Uyen Nguyen and Chris Cvetkovich decided to channel their passion for travel and culinary exploration into a delicious menu featuring food from all over the globe. Nue opened in 2015, and their global street food has been delighting and celebrating diverse cuisine and cultures ever since.

Fun fact: Nue is named after a supernatural monster from Japanese mythology.

Business Owner
Uyen Nguyen and Chris Cvetkovich


  1. If you love a fusion of cuisine, then this place is it. Their wings are to die for and I love the bunny chow. Definitely need to bring a second person for these dishes as they are big portion.

  2. If you love fried chicken and wings – this is the place! Hope you’re able to handle the kick. So delicious and can be shared – or not ­čśë

  3. Every time I pore over the menu at Nue and try to narrow it down to the one dish that suites my taste for right then. Every time as I wait for my meal I see other dishes come out and think oh, I should have ordered that! Then another comes out and that’s the thing I should have ordered! In the end they’re all delicious and FOMO aside you can always go back… which I do as often as possible.
    Fun fact: If you’ve read Min Jin Lee’s ‘Pachinko’ but have never seen one in real life, head to Nue!

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