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Uyen Nguyen and Chris Cvetkovich


  1. If you love a fusion of cuisine, then this place is it. Their wings are to die for and I love the bunny chow. Definitely need to bring a second person for these dishes as they are big portion.

  2. If you love fried chicken and wings – this is the place! Hope you’re able to handle the kick. So delicious and can be shared – or not 😉

  3. Every time I pore over the menu at Nue and try to narrow it down to the one dish that suites my taste for right then. Every time as I wait for my meal I see other dishes come out and think oh, I should have ordered that! Then another comes out and that’s the thing I should have ordered! In the end they’re all delicious and FOMO aside you can always go back… which I do as often as possible.
    Fun fact: If you’ve read Min Jin Lee’s ‘Pachinko’ but have never seen one in real life, head to Nue!

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