Wife-and-husband Humiko Hozumi and Jason Duffany opened their fully vegan pop-up Obon Shokudo in 2014 not long after relocating from San Fransisco to Portland. They spent their first few years traveling around the city selling at various farmer’s markets before settling into their permanent brick-and-mortar location in 2021. Obon’s menu draws inspiration from Humiko’s hometown in the Saitama Prefecture region of Japan, offering cozy comfort food favorites like curry udon and okonomiyaki, a cabbage and onion pancake topped with their house tonkotsu sauce and veganaise. 

Jason and Humiko are committed to making wholesome, organic vegan food available to people of all income levels. Their newly launched fermented food brand Obon Kojo produces the miso and koji used in their restaurant’s dishes. 

Fun fact: Obon Shokudo’s black and white logo depicts Hozumi’s family crest!


Business Owner
Humiko Hozumi and Jason Duffany

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