Mark McConnell grew up eating his mom’s cooking at family gatherings and powwows on the Blackfeet Rez in Browning, Montana. In 2019, Mark and his partner Cecilia Rikard opened Off The Rez Cafe at the Burke Museum, building on the success of Seattle’s first Native food truck, serving delicious traditional Blackfeet fry bread, tacos, and other creations inspired by Mark’s family recipes.

Also try their Off The Rez food truck and catering.

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Mark McConnell and Cecilia Rikard
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  1. Fry bread amazing, especially loved the cedar blackberry tea latte. Friendly employees, amazing food! Also they’re open some days even though the Burke is closed!

  2. Love this local bizz went from pop ups to an official permanent spot. Great location accessible by bus, light rail, and walking friendly. The windows allow for a lot of natural light and can be opened like a massive car garage door (it’s pretty cool to see happen in person). Friendly staff and enjoy love the classic fry bread – a must try!

  3. My first trip to Off the Rez was back almost 10 years ago. They were in downtown Seattle and an easy walk from my office. I’d never tried fry bread before, and wasn’t really sure what to expect – but their pulled pork taco was like nothing I’d had before! The bread wonderfully crispy and with the pulled pork topping was incredibly savory and delicious. Fast forward 10 years and the experience is just as good! Bonus points: Order their kale salad as a side. It’s packed with roasted beets, carrots and a tangy citrus vinaigrette!

  4. I’ve only been able to try their Sweet Fry Bread and coffee which, were amazing! I look forward to trying everything else off the menu because it all looks and sounds delicious!

  5. You step in and the space embraces you. The menu and food options are full of joy and love. You can’t go wrong with with any option on there.

    Grateful that the foods, traditions, and peoples of Native lands get to share their presence and power.

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