In 2023, after closing Tsukushinbo, the restaurant their parents had founded in 1994, sister-and-brother Marin and Sho Caccam officially opened Onibaba in Seattle’s Japantown. The siblings specialize in onigiri, stuffed rice balls, and ochazuke, steamed rice topped with dashi broth, seaweed, and green onion. 

Onibaba offers 18 different onigiri fillings, all wrapped in high-quality rice and seaweed. Choose from meat options like salty salmon, shrimp tempura, and mentaiko (spicy cod roe), or opt for a vegetable filling like ume (sour plum), natto kimchi, or takana (pickled mustard green). It’s the perfect snack! 

Fun Fact: The restaurant’s name, Onibaba, is a combination of the Japanese words for demon (oni) and hag (baba), as well as a play on the word onigiri. 

Business Owner
Marin Caccam & Sho Caccam

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