Peter Opare founded Open Crumb with his parents, Tony and Abigail Opare, in 2019, serving West African comfort food with some American influence. The take-out-focused restaurant prepares all of its dishes from scratch, prioritizing quality and freshness. Enjoy a bowl of tomato stew served with jollof rice, a West African staple, or fufu, a dough made from boiled and pounded cassava root and plantain.

You can choose to order your meal paired with a side dish or have it served to you as a sandwich, complete with their house-made bread and your choice of toppings. Vegetarians rejoice: they offer a variety of meat-free dishes like spinach stew, a stew made from coco-yam leaf, tomatoes, egusi, and spices. 


Business Owner
Abigail Opare, Peter Opare, Tony Opare

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