It’s important to make space for ‘bliss’ in your life, Rasheedah Loharsingh believes. Owner of Organic Bliss Day Spa, Rasheedah offers customers a relaxing escape through services like facials, mani/pedi, body sugaring, threading, and more. The spa’s name does not just refer to organic products, but also, to the organic origin of the bliss that Rasheedah exudes each day as she helps people discover healthy relationships with self and their bodies. The spa also sells their own collection of skincare products, artisanal tea, stylish clothing, and more!

Note: Organic Bliss is a cell-phone-free space.


Judging by the moniker (Organic Bliss), one would assume that I’m simply referring to the products that I use and sell when in fact, the word “Organic” describes the live origin (myself) of the happiness or “Bliss” that I exude. I am literally, overtaken with gratitude each day I’m given the opportunity to live out my passion of proving therapeutic spa services and demonstrating how to obtain or maintain healthy beautiful skin through luxurious natural skin care and healthy living.

Business Owner
Rasheedah Loharsingh

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