Hiro Horie spent 25 years baking for a Japanese corporate baking company before leaving to start Beaverton’s first authentic Japanese bakery, Oyatsupan Bakers, in 2016. He offers delicious milk Japanese bread and pastries prepared without preservatives with simple, high-quality ingredients. Enjoy a savory-sweet curry donut, a rich slice of French-Japanese cheesecake, or a fresh egg sandwich – there’s something for everyone! 

Order a beverage to wash down your pastry – they offer espresso and tea beverages, with fun seasonal drinks like the strawberry matcha latte made with fresh strawberry preserves. 

Fun fact: “Oyatsupan” is a mash-up of two Japanese words – “oyatsu,” meaning snack, and “pan,” meaning bread or sweet roll! 

Business Owner
Hiro Horie


  1. I love this little shop. Any time I do my grocery shopping across the street at Fred Meyer, I stop by Oyatsupan for treats and a slider for lunch. Everyone is super nice, and anything you get is very tasty and fresh.

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