In 2012, Tiffany Kirkpatrick began teaching herself how to sew so she could make clothes for her newborn daughter. She instantly fell in love with the craft and, before long, she began producing her own original clothing designs. After their positive reception from friends and family, she decided to step away from her 25-year career as a Gerontologist in order to pursue her creative dreams. She started Parker+Simonne Design in 2017, a small-batch clothing store selling one-of-a-kind modernized kimonos, tops, and tunics. 

Tiffany’s pieces are sewn from unique global textiles ethically sourced from Mali, Guatemala, and the Ivory Coast. In addition to pre-sewn items, customers have the option to request custom designs via her website. 

Fun fact: Parker+Simonne is named after her daughter, ParkerSimonne! 

Business Owner
Tiffany Kirkpatrick

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