Unassumingly located above the Phở Bắc Downtown lies an intimate and cozy cocktail bar run by Quynh and Yenvy Pham. Phocific Standard Time (Or PST for short) showcases creative drinks using Vietnamese flavors and ingredients — like pandan leaf, longan, and yes, even pho broth — alongside natural wines and beer options. The cocktail menu features the Nuoc Mat, a drink featuring jasmine, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, Cocchi Americano, soju, and longan as well as the Bắc Kỳ 54, which is a Gin-based drink with, rice wine, ancho verde, umami bitters, sea salt, black pepper, ngò gai oil, and pickled leeks. And don’t forget to order something off of their snack menu to pair with your beverage.

Business Owner
Quynh & Yenvy Pham

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