Pawara Chivapat, who goes by the nickname “Pink” is half of the namesake of the restaurant Pink Bee Curry & Sandwiches, a family-owned restaurant bringing an authentic infusion of Thai flavor to the Ballard neighborhood.

Pink grew up in Bangkok, as the eldest in a large Thai family, which provided a lot of opportunity to hone her cooking chops and practice making some of her favorite dishes at home. In 1994, she moved to the U.S. to help her family open Jamjuree, a Thai restaurant in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. While working as a mail carrier, Pink dreamed of starting a restaurant of her own, and was inspired by local sandwich shops throughout the city. She had a hunch that Thai curry would translate well to a sandwich, and after testing her concept on her family, the idea for Pink Bee was born.
Pink’s sister Ariva Intrachupongse, who goes by the nickname “Bee”, her cousin Rita Fuangarom, and her brother Satit Chivapatanathorn make Pink Bee a family affair. They insist that the food they serve is what their family still makes and eats at home, and that their recipes have not been adapted for American tastes.
While women rule at this family-owned and operated restaurant, rest assured that the men chip in, too. The restaurant’s tables and counters were hand-sawed and made by Bee’s husband, Satit, who helps out all-around, and brother Itti is in charge of the kitchen (though Rita assures me that Pink remains the culinary boss).
Fun Fact
Pink Bee Curry & Sandwiches is kind of a reincarnation of its Thai predecessor. Nearly forty years ago, Pink & Bee’s parents named their restaurant in Thailand, Peung Chompoo (which translates to “Pink Bee”) after their daughters.
Business Owner
Pawara Chivapat and Ariva Intrachupongse


  1. We love the affordable dishes Pink Bee has to offer. Our go to is the beef panang curry with red cargo rice. It is flavorful and filling! We are glad they are part of the Ballard community since there aren’t too many other Asian restaurants around.

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