Dance and fitness spaces often alienate marginalized and underrepresented people, and Alyssa Taubin knows that pole fitness communities are often no different. With the vision of a radically inclusive fitness environment, she opened Positive Spin Pole Dance Fitness, a space where they strive to help queer, trans, non-monogamous, and plus size people (and allies) connect with their bodies. What started as a small home studio in her basement has expanded into a 3,000 sq ft studio with 16 poles and a staff that is 100% LGBTQ+, and 70% Trans/Nonbinary. Positive Spin employs both an Accessibility Specialist and a DEI coordinator to help us accommodate and empower as many different people as possible.

Positive Spin has created a one-of-a-kind, year-long, instructor training program that empowers a diverse group of dedicated students to build leadership skills and pursue their own creative ideas and dreams within the pole community.

Positive Spin is home to the USA’s first comprehensive Pole Fitness for Teens program, Seattle Pole Dance Parties, and Pole for Justice, which is the branch of our studio that does activism and fundraiser performances for the causes we care about.

Bonus: New students can register for a 2-week trial membership to try out a selection of our 50+ classes per week and get to know our studio community.

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Alyssa Taubin

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