Recompose is a full-service, green funeral home in Seattle that offers human composting to clients across the country. Founder and CEO, Katrina Spade, had been searching for a more sustainable solution to conventional death care practices since 2011. After a few years of research and design, she invented a process for human composting and founded Recompose as a public benefit corporation in 2017.

The biological process of human composting mimics the earth’s natural cycles and is similar to what occurs on the forest floor as organic material decomposes and becomes topsoil. Human composting is powered by beneficial microbes that occur naturally in our bodies and the environment. In 8-12 weeks, the body turns into nutrient-dense soil that can be donated to conservation efforts, or given to the family to nurture trees and gardens.

Recompose set the bar for operating standards, and continue to support legalization efforts in other states. They are a trusted leader in a worldwide movement to reimagine the end-of-life experience to be rooted in nature.

Business Owner
Katrina Spade

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