Cindy and Scott Abrahamson opened Red Twig Bakery Café in 2010 with hope that it would become a special community spot in Edmonds. In 2016, the restaurant transitioned to the loving ownership of LaFon and Gregg Jantz, and its legacy continues. Locals marvel at the way that the restaurant successfully straddles the line between humble and hip, simple and flavorful, and in-house and locally sourced. If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll be excited to learn that Red Twig roasts their own coffee. Brunch fanatics love the eggs benedict and breakfast burrito, and for the lunchier crowd there are a wide selection of artisan sandwiches and grain bowls to choose from!

Bonus: Red Twig has free WiFi and communal table space for larger groups!


Business Owner
LaFon Jantz and Gregg Jantz

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