Republic of Cider is owned by multicultural husband and wife duo George and Emily Ptasinski, who both have a strong love for cider. With an appreciation for quality fruit and a desire to see more diversity within the brewing community, both George and Emily have been working hard to make an impact. George comes from a beer brewing background but has since incorporated brewing techniques into his cider to provide one-of-a-kind drinks. Originally from Taiwan and admittedly not a big beer drinker, Emily deserves the credit for nudging George to explore craft cider. Located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, Republic of Cider is an essential stop for those that are looking for a crisp cider on a hot summer day.

Fun Fact: Republic of Cider was once an autobody shop that now has been turned into both a cider tasting room and winery.


Business Owner
Emily Ptasinski & George Ptasinski

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