When Kayla Mae Saeteurn started her business, she was determined to stay true to herself. She wanted the company to reflect her values and who she is as a person. She opened Revive Sugaring Studio in Portland, Oregon in 2021 with a focus on self-care, body positivity, self-acceptance, and normalizing mental illnesses. These are all values that are important to her, and she wants to share them with her clients through her services.

Revive stands on trust, escapism, exclusivity, authenticity, and growth. Kayla wants her clients to feel that the studio is a safe space, somewhere they can come and relax and make a sweet connection.


Business Owner
Kayla Mae Saeteurn


  1. Before discovering Revive Sugaring Studio, I
    had the worst experiences getting sugared
    and waxed. Everywhere else that I had gone
    felt like a factory line of clients; rushed in and
    out, not much care taken to ensure quality.
    However, when I discovered Kayla at Revive
    Sugaring Studio I was immediately thoroughly
    The atmosphere was warm and inviting
    instead of sterile and cold like other places.
    But most importantly, Kayla herself took the
    time to understand my needs and preferences
    as a client. She made sure that my time spent
    with her was comfortable, safe and completely
    tailored to me. On top of that, she explained
    every step of the process in detail so that I
    was never left feeling confused or
    The results were absolutely freaking stunning!!
    Not only did it last longer than any other type
    of waxing or sugaring I’ve done before but
    with better precision too! With Kayla’s expert
    technique, she managed to remove even the
    most stubborn hairs without irritation or
    discomfort. So far my skin is still feeling
    smooth weeks after my appointment and I
    couldn’t be happier!
    I would highly recommend Revive Sugaring
    Studio if you’re looking for high-quality
    sugaring services. You can trust that you are in
    good hands with Kayla who is knowledgeable,
    friendly, and professional. With her expertise,
    you can be sure that you will get the best
    results possible.

  2. My experience getting sugared by Kayla at
    Revive Sugaring Studio was fantastic, and far
    exceeded my expectations. She has an
    incredibly calming demeanor that immediately
    put me at ease, and she made sure to
    thoroughly explain the process and answer
    any questions I had along the way. The
    sugaring itself was much more comfortable
    than waxing, and far less painful. I was
    impressed how quickly Kayla was able to work,
    as well as how smooth and thorough her
    technique is – she definitely knew what she
    was doing! All in all, it was a great experience
    with no mess or unfortunate surprises; I
    wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Revive
    Sugaring Studio to anyone looking for a
    professional sugaring service.

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