Saint Bread is a bakery and community space just off University of Washington’s campus opened in 2021 by Yasu Saito and Randi Rachlow. The two are both industry professionals with years of experience— Randi has been a pastry pro for nearly two decades, while Yasu has worked in restaurants in Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. Randi’s deep knowledge of American, French, and Scandinavian baking traditions is the foundation of Saint Bread’s far-out pastry world.

The duo’s dedication shows in their menu (try the smoked trout toast) packed with creative items with one thing in common: they’re made with amazing bread! Enjoy delicious sandwiches, cinnamon-Okinawan sugar toast, and pastries like cardamom knots, black sesame buns, and school buns— yum! 

Fun Fact: The name “Saint Bread” refers to the Danish term for true bread, “sandt brod.”

Saint Bread Products

Business Owner
Yasuaki Saito & Randi Rachlow


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