Wife and husband team Salima and Asari Mohamath have wanted to open another restaurant since Salima’s Restaurant closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in 2009. In 2022, that dream came true when they opened Salima Specialties with their daughter Nurhaliza “Liza” Mohamath. 

Salima, Asari, and Liza are exploring the cultural influences in Cham cuisine with a menu full of 100% Halal dishes with Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Indian, and other influences. They created the menu to be accessible to all, whether you’re looking for a familiar flavor or to try something new. Salima Specialties offers diverse Halal options with a focus on sustainability, equity, and solidarity.

Business Owner
Salima Mohamath, Asari Mohamath, & Nurhaliza "Liza" Mohamath

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