Monica Di Bartolomeo and her husband Ariel Firpo were inspired to open Seatango after growing up in Buenos Aires and waking up each morning to the delicious smell of the local bakeries around them. The couple opened Seatango in September 2020 to bring the fresh, delicious pastries you’d find in Argentina, including a variety of empanadas. Seatango started as a part of the Food Innovation Network’s Spice Bridge food hall and is known for being the only local business in the area that makes facturas (Argentinian pastries) from scratch. In 2021, the Seatango moved to its permanent location in Lake City.

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Monica Di Bartolomeo and Ariel Firpo
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  1. Seatango is my go-to for alfajores in the Greater Seattle area. The dulce de leche sándwiched between two shortbread cookies and rolled in coconut is the pastry that I return to Seatango for time and time again. I first met Ariel and Monica when they had a stall at the Spice Bridge in Tukwila and they were so kind as to explain the two varieties of alfajores they sell. For first timers and those who count alfajores as their favorite cookie, this is the place to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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