When Megan Janes and her wife Suzie stumbled upon Steel City Pops in Birmingham, Alabama, she fell in love with the idea of a shop completely dedicated to popsicles. After countless hours in the kitchen with her family, Megan’s paletas featuring all-natural, seasonal ingredients were perfected, and Seattle Pops was born. The menu includes seasonal flavors that include a variety of dairy-free options.

Pro tip: Chocolate lovers should definitely opt in to have their pops dipped in dark Chocolate, white Chocolate or milk Chocolate.

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After a year of working as an insurance adjuster in Birmingham, Alabama, Megan Janes needed a change of pace. With no specific next step in mind, a spontaneous visit to a popsicle shop with her best friend, Meredith, gave Megan the direction she needed. When they arrived, they both fell in love with the store’s simple concept: fresh ingredients, imaginative flavors, and delicious popsicles. Immediately, Megan began planning how she could bring this concept home to Seattle, in the shape of her own business, Seattle Pops.

The following year, back in Seattle, the summer heat inspired Megan to begin testing recipes, prompting a trip to the neighborhood Whole Foods where she threw all kinds of fruit, milk, chocolate, coffee, and sugars into her cart. Huddled in her aunt’s kitchen, Megan and her dad experimented with recipes in an ice cube tray and meticulously recorded notes about what worked and what didn’t, what needed more of this and less of that. Today, almost 10 years later, Megan remarks that “these same ice cube recipes remain the base for most Seattle Pops recipes today.”

Megan’s creative genius and commitment to using the best ingredients possible, often sourced from local family farms, is what make Seattle Pops so exceptional. But the family-owned business stands out in other ways as well. When asked what the most rewarding part of her work is, Megan responded with her team’s positive engagement with the local community, saying “we are going beyond the canopy set up and getting to know communities better through philanthropic work as well.” Partnered with charity and non-profit groups such as the Market Foundation, DECA Programs, and FamilyWorks Food Banks, Seattle Pops has been able to support underserved communities, raise funds for school, healthcare, and housing programs, and ultimately become “more than just a pop shop.”
Fun Fact
Follow the Janes family tradition of saying “I love ice cream” when feeling blue or stressed and watch your worries melt away like ice cream on a hot summer day.
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Megan Janes

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