Aram “A.J.” Han and Sean Lee are bringing one of Korea’s most popular street foods to the Pacific Northwest! Seoul Hotdog’s menu features eight different kinds of Korean-style hot dog, from the classic sugar-dusted beef corn dog to the cheesy mozzarella dog topped with french fries. Check out their flagship location in Lynnwood, opened a year before their spot in Federal Way! 

Feeling indecisive? Order a half-and-half dog with half mozzarella and half beef filling. If you’re in the mood for something else, you can opt for their tteok-kkochi, a popular Korean street food consisting of deep-fried rice cakes skewers topped with a drizzle of savory gochujang sauce. 

Fun fact: A.J. and Sean were both born in Seoul, South Korea, hence the restaurant’s name! 

Business Owner
Aram “A.J.” Han and Sean Lee

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