Seoul Tofu & Jjim is an authentic Korean restaurant owned by Helen Lee and Joseph Seong, with help from their son, Michael Seong. The Korean-born family let their passion and tradition lead the way, making fresh kimchi daily and offering a less-talked-about Korean specialty, Jjim. “Jjim” means braised, and their menu features braised short ribs that Michael devoured as a child. They also serve many vegan-friendly dishes, noodle soups, and bibimbop.

Helen and Joseph purchased the restaurant in 2019 and kept it operating as a Vietnamese pho joint. But it was not as successful as they’d hoped, with so much competition in Vietnamese cuisine on Capitol Hill alone. As the pandemic hit, they knew they needed to pivot to survive and decided on what they knew best: Korean food. The risk paid off- Seoul Tofu & Jjim not only survived the pandemic but are thriving, with unique dishes that keep the community coming back for more.

Business Owner
Helen Lee & Joseph Seong

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