Sergius & Bacchus Menswear is a boutique mens’ clothing shop located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, specializing in casual contemporary styles and resortwear you can wear from the office to the trendiest happy hour bar or a great dinner with friends. You’ll find incredible brands from all over the world that offer unique styles and quality construction. Owners Ray Ochs and Rick Jones value inclusiveness and aim to provide a safe and welcoming shopping experience for everyone regardless of gender, orientation, size, shape, ethnicity or age – we want everyone who enjoys wearing amazing masculine styles to feel at home and have fun exploring their personal style with us!

Looking for fashion that makes a statement? The carefully curated collection ensures that every item is a conversation starter. Discover clothes and accessories that are the epitome of bravery, boldness and remarkable authenticity. And we stock some of the most popular brands in modern gay fashion, including Postmarc, Eight X, Assassin Menswear, Tiger Horse Denim, 4 Funky Flavours, PUMP! Underwear, Beauboy Menswear, ST33LE Brand, Swish Embassy, and Cocktail Teez, just to name a few.

Bonus: More than 70% of the brands stock are LGBTQ+ owned. The business also make a special effort to partner with new and emerging brands that are just starting out – in some cases Sergius & Bacchus are literally the only retail outlet anywhere carrying these new brands. 

Sergius & Bacchus Menswear Products

Business Owner
Ray Ochs and Rick Jones


  1. Ray and Rick are such friendly and helpful people. They have a great selection of small men’s clothing brands that are much more fun and stylish than what you find at most stores.

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