Stan Shimizu made the decision to leave the Corporate world in order to help continue his family’s Shiatsu therapy practice. He learned from his father, who learned from his father and all together their family has been providing shiatsu treatments in the Seattle area for more than 50+ years. 

As his father always told him, Stan believes, “We are just vessels through which healing comes” and is constantly calling on his ancestors for continued guidance and wisdom both in his practice and in his life.

Fun Fact: In the beginning, there were countless numbers of people that came for treatments with Sengo and started referring to him as “Sennin.” It was from this that the term “Sennin-so” came which roughly translates in English to mean, “A place where a person with supernatural healing power lives.” To this day, the practice still maintains this “Sennin-so” moniker in memory of Sengo and his legacy.

Business Owner
Stan Shimizu

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