Diana Naramore and her husband, Steve opened the first Sip and Ship in Ballard in 2002 and have since expanded the business to Greenwood. Sip and Ship offers the ultimate convenience when it comes to shipping packages, coupled with a coffeehouse and thoughtfully curated gift shop.

Before Sip and Ship, Diana Naramore was a new mom and new resident of Seattle looking for a fresh start. When she walked into a shipping and shopping business on Queen Anne she immediately fell in love with its warm environment. The owner hired her that day, and witnessed that Diana was a natural when it came to customer service. After being encouraged by the owner to start her own business, Diana took the leap and built Sip and Ship from the ground up.
When asked about Sip and Ship’s mission Diana responds without hesitation - Community and Empowerment. “We really invest in our team,” she says, “team members bring their individual strengths, and we build from there.” The depth with which Diana values her employees is echoed by her genuine investment in her customers. She strives to ensure every person who walks through her door feels like they belong. “We are a connector,” Diana remarks. “We connect people, businesses, philosophies, passions, and values, and that is what brings me to work everyday.”
Sip and Ship’s impact spans well beyond its walls. Diana prioritizes sustainable practices in her business model, encouraging customers and friends to drop off  boxes and packing materials at the shop for them to reuse. She has also learned how impactful the shipping business can be. She reminisces back to the beginning of Sip and Ship, when they were tasked with shipping Native Alaskan tribal artifacts to help secure sovereignty for tribal peoples. “That was when I realized this was so much bigger than me,” she says. Beyond Sip and Ship, Diana donates her time and money to schools and organizations in her community that focus on educating and empowering youth and young professionals. Diana’s passion for her community is palpable, and a source of inspiration for others seeking to uplift their communities.
Fun Fact
Diana once shipped a female designer’s collection of lifesize paper dresses to the Smithsonian for an exhibition. The dresses were created from pages of the artist's collection of romantic poetry from around the globe.
Business Owner
Diana Naramore

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