Coming from an Indian immigrant family, SipStop Café and Community Market founder and owner Anup Sippy (pun intended!) grew up with the experience of going to smaller ethnic specialty stores to get the items that couldn’t be found in larger supermarkets. The specialty stores provided a sense of community, creating a safe space and bringing people of similar cultural backgrounds together through board game nights, and the café which serves favorites like the Indian green tea and espresso brewed from monsooned coffee beans from South India. Their menu items range from breakfast sandwiches to chicken wings and their beer and wine menu doesn’t disappoint either. 

Sippy created SipStop in Renton, Washington with the mission to bring “convenience” back to the community. He aims to build a market with a comfortable, safe, and homely ambiance that serves as the center of the community and provides the products and services that his community values most.



Business Owner
Anup Sippy

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