In college, Arielle realized the lack of safe and sober spaces for LGBTQ people and she wanted to change that. At first, it was just a dream but that dream came true in 2019 when she opened, Sis Got Tea with the help of her friends. Sis Got Tea is the first sober, LGBTQ-focused, Black-focused business in Louisville, Kentucky. Sis Got Tea is a tea business but it was also created to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ people to sit down, chat and relax without the noise of a club or the presence of alcohol. Sis Got Tea offers an eclectic variety of teas, from black and green teas to oolong and Darjeeling. They also offer coffee, snacks, and more. 

Business Owner
Arielle Clark


  1. We love the tea from Sis Got Tea! I use “Feel Better” every time I feel a cold coming on. Can’t wait to visit their location when it opens! ❤️

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